Predictive Maintenance

Protect and preserve your investment:

Proper and regular maintenance is crucial for a long robot life. Preventive maintenance can be planned for you and performed when the system or robot is available. Through regular checks and maintenance, we ensure the smooth operation of your production – downtimes and failures are effectively avoided. As a rule, the total costs of regular preventive maintenance are significantly lower than repair costs and a possible loss of production due to neglected maintenance recommendations.

Why Predicitive Maintenance?

Through the targeted use of measurement and production data, we are able to proactively maintain machines and systems and minimize malfunctions. In this way, we eliminate potential problems before they have an impact. According to current studies, predictive maintenance ensures up to 50 percent less downtime, up to 30 percent lower maintenance costs and up to 20 percent higher availability.

Predictive maintenance in action: Kawasaki TREND Manager


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