Relaunch: New Certification Program for Integrators and Partners

Neuss, May 3rd 2022 – Kawasaki Robotics EMEA has launched a completely new certification program for their integrator and partner network across the entire EMEA region. The mutually beneficial program not only aims to grow existing Certified Integrators, but also to enter into new partnerships in key regions and industries. Customers are guaranteed the highest level of consulting, service and support for all EMEA markets. Three levels – Certified Integrator, Preferred Integrator and Strategic Partner – will reflect the diversity of Kawasaki Robotics partners and provide attractive, incentive-based growth opportunities:

Clear commitment to loyalty and cooperation

The Certified Integrators and higher levels will profit from priority access to spare parts, service and support as well as regular trainings, promotional material, commercial support and privileged access to leads among other benefits – with additional benefits being available to the higher tiers.

Meeting highest standards

In order to become a Certified Integrator of Kawasaki Robotics EMEA, integrators are required to attend and pass a comprehensive robotics training program, go through a full evaluation process and commit to the standards of the international robotics manufacturer. Maurizio Ravelli, Commercial Director of the Italian Kawasaki Robotics Partner Tiesse Robot and the upcoming Southern Europe HUB, explains: “We want our integrators and partners to meet our highest standards at all times. Our task is to strengthen and grow their capabilities as well as to improve their level of expertise. The new program gives us the tools to do so.”

Focus on sustainable growth

The Certified Integrator and Kawasaki Robotics will co-ordinate activities from defined areas such as sales, marketing and technical. “It is in the interest of both Kawasaki Robotics and our certified integrators that projects across all industries can be fulfilled successfully and that our integrators are able to grow at a sustainable and profitable rate”, says Xabier Iturralde Usabiaga, General Coordinator of the Kawasaki Robotics Iberian HUB.